When I first decided that I actually needed to interview people at local restaurants, I came up with a list of a few restaurants that I knew had fun atmospheres and good food.  Blanco BBQ was on my initial list and they were the first restaurant to respond to my emails regarding my project.

I chose Blanco BBQ because I have been there multiple times with large groups of friends.  We always enjoyed the food, but we loved the atmosphere as well.  I can remember walking in after leaving the pool on a hot summer day.  My friends and I looked sweaty and smelled of sunscreen, but we felt comfortable hanging out on the back patio at Blanco BBQ, watching my friends kids run around the playground and enjoying some tasty food. You can just be you at Blanco BBQ and not feel out-of-place because the restaurant has a relaxed, country feel to it.

Blanco BBQ is newer to San Antonio, considering it was opened in 2013.  People in the area quickly started making it their go-to barbeque joint.  The parking lot is often crowded, especially on the weekends.  Zach and I were there for four hours on a Saturday afternoon and there was a steady crowd coming and going the majority of the time we were there.  They even had live music in the evening, which makes for an even better dinner.

While we were filming, everyone from customers to the management and employees at Blanco BBQ were very friendly.  Roxanne, the general manager, was working hard to make sure that even though the restaurant was crowded, people were getting their food quickly and accurately.  One thing I can definitely say about Roxanne is that she works hard and is not afraid to get her hands dirty.  The rest of the employees are friendly and get their jobs done, from what I could tell.

The food at Blanco BBQ has continued to get better since their opening in 2013.  On the day we filmed, we ate dinner after interviewing customers.  I had a two meat combo, with turkey and chopped BBQ.  My sides were green beans and coleslaw.  Zach also got the two meat combo, with lean brisket, chopped BBQ, broccoli and coleslaw.

I am definitely a fan of the turkey at Blanco BBQ because it is usually moist with good flavor.  I enjoyed the chopped BBQ because it was not covered in barbeque sauce and had a great, peppery flavor to it.  The coleslaw is delicious because it perfectly combines a creamy, tangy crunch.  The green beans are cooked with beef and taste smoky.  Zach enjoyed his meal as well and we both appreciate that they have healthy side options, like steamed broccoli.

The video posted below gives you a better glimpse of the atmosphere, food and customers at Blanco BBQ.  Round up some friends and family and go give it a try sometime soon!

PS: A big thanks to Blanco BBQ General Manager, Roxanne, and owner, Steve, for allowing me to spend a few hours on a busy Saturday filming at the restaurant.

Blanco BBQ
13259 Blanco Road
San Antonio, TX  78216

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