Behind the Savor is Back

Hello Friends! I know you haven’t seen a post from Behind the Savor in quite some time. After I finished my graduate program, I took a break from writing to determine what I wanted to do with my graduate degree, start teaching which did not work out as expected (long story for another post), start a new job and figure out what I may want to write about now that I have a bit more freedom. One of my resolutions for 2016 was to get the blog started back up in some form or fashion. I miss writing and, more than that, I think I need it to calm my mind sometimes.

It is nice to know that I do not have to stick to the original requirements I set up for Behind the Savor. Although I loved my graduate capstone project, I want to go a bit outside of showcasing restaurants and interviewing people about food and culture. I want to share with you a bit about how my boyfriend, Zach, and I plan our meals for the week, what we eat and why we eat. I have been trying my hand at creating some grain free dessert recipes that I would love to share as well. Finally, I want to add in some of the fun stuff Zach and I do and the places we go.

There is always somethFing to be thankful for.

In the end, the concept is still similar to my initial project.  The catch phrase for Behind the Savor was and still is, “because it’s not just about the food…” which is true.  Food plays a huge role in life.  It keeps you alive, it is enjoyable and it makes or breaks events.  People care about food.  I care about food.  The reason we care is not only because something tastes good.  I care about the type of food I eat, what I put into my body, the places I eat and the people I eat with.  We care because food is more than what you eat.  What is behind the food matters.

So, I hope you enjoy seeing a bit more of my writing soon. I think my first post will be highlighting our recent trip to San Diego, because we ate a ton of great food and enjoyed every bit of our trip.

Happy to be back!


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