We try to cook a lot of our food and we meal prep, but we also love to try restaurants.  Since I am in a new city I definitely want to make sure I am trying out restaurants every week.  There is no lack of places to try or things to do in Hattiesburg so I have been staying busy.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of the places I have ventured to over the past two weeks and included some snip-its below.  I know there are a ton more restaurants and other exciting things to check out, so feel free to comment or email me at behindthesavor@gmail.com with recommendations.


Food & Coffee


Petra Café Greek & Mediterranean Zach has probably been here every week since he moved, but I have been twice so far. They have quick and friendly service and the gyro salad is delicious.  I love the falafel, which is perfectly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.  The salad dressing is full of flavor and everything seems fresh.  I know this will be a go-to for me.

2902 Hardy St #50, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Gryo salad from Petra Cafe
Fresh and tasty gyro salad to go from Petra Cafe!

Falafel at Petra cafe
Yummmm falafel

Southbound Bagel and Coffee Shop – Ok, we don’t eat bread usually but I want to go back here when I feel like breaking this rule because the bread and bagels look and smell delicious! I’ve tried the Greek omelet and the California omelet.  Both were terrific and had strong, unique flavors.  It is a small place, so you can see everything being made and chat with people in line to order which is really cool.

217 E Front St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Greek omelet at Southbound Bagel and Coffeeshop
Look at that feta cheese on top of the Greek omelet at Southbound Bagel & Coffee Shop! Photo by Zach.

Tuscan roast beef omelet at Southboud Bagel.
Zach got the Tuscan roast beef omelet and loved it. Photo by Zach.

Java Werks Coffee and Tea – I’ve tried the cold brew and an Americano here. Both were delicious with great, strong flavors.  They have unsweetened almond and coconut milk, which is appreciated.  I will definitely be back for more!

2902 Hardy St #10, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Cold brew from Java Werks
Cold brew with unsweetened almond milk at Java Werks. So pretty. So tasty.


Town Square Café & Bakery –  The French veggie omelet had some great veggies in it, but the cheese is what made it.  I don’t know if I have ever had Gruyere cheese with eggs, but it was so dang good.  I’ve been in an Americano mood lately and I enjoyed one here as well. It had a nice flavor.  This place is so bright with natural lighting and cool fixtures, so it is a nice place to sit and enjoy coffee in the morning.  I want to go back here to try something off their lunch menu as well.


Depot Coffeehouse & Bistro – If you can’t tell already, we love eggs and breakfast food. I tried the breakfast bowl and substituted roasted veggies for the grits.  I appreciate that they let me substitute.  My best friend was in town and tried this place with me.  She had the veggie breakfast sandwich and loved it.


T-Bones Records & Café – I’ve been told I need to try the food here, so I will venture to do that soon. I’ve had the cold brew and a regular cup of coffee here.  They had cool music playing and everyone who works there seems to be happy about life, which is always nice.


Glory Bound Gyro Co. – I went on a Tuesday for $5 gyro and then again for brunch one Saturday.  I appreciate the prices here.  $5 for a gyro meal is cheap and appreciated.  They also will do a lettuce wrap instead of pita which is a win for us.


Blu Jazz Café – The seasoning on the chicken in the café salad was really tasty. I enjoyed the atmosphere and they were playing the Spurs on the TV at the bar, which means I was happy.  I want to go back on a night when they have live music soon!




  • Library of Hattiesburg – This library is beautiful and has a ton of events going on, which I am excited to check out.


  • Hattiesburg Farmer’s Market – I went downtown for the last two farmer’s market days of the year and found some great veggies for salsa, an unsweetened blueberry jam, and some delicious goat cheese. Plus, there was live music which is always a sweet addition.  I will be back when it opens again in 2018.


  • The Lucky Rabbit – THIS IS THE COOLEST PLACE EVER. I spent hours walking around and finding treasures.  I definitely will say that you need a loose plan when going in because otherwise you will either get overwhelmed and not buy anything or buy the whole place out.  I got a few Christmas presents taken care of and a few decorative items for the kitchen.
  • Hattiesburg Zoo – I saw two sloths and my heart exploded. Seriously, I was so happy.  We went during ZooBoo which was really well decorated.  I can’t wait to go during Christmas because I have a feeling it will be pretty and festive!

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