This blog started as a project to complete my graduate degree.  I was researching the link between food and culture in San Antonio.  I was excited about the project because I am a part of San Antonio culture and I love to eat at restaurants and try new food.  Behind the Savor will continue to explore the food and culture of the city I love, but I am also excited to write more about what I am actually eating and cooking.

My boyfriend, Zach, and I try to live a very healthy lifestyle.  We aren’t perfect, but we stay away from added sugar, starchy foods and grains of any kind.  We aren’t really Paleo, because we sometimes eat dairy, legumes, and use artificial sweeteners, but we try to do our best to limit that as well.


We try new recipes a lot and make things up as we go.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t and that’s ok.  Most of what we make is simple and not overwhelming.  People always ask me if I miss a lot of the food I have given up and my answer is almost always no.  The food we make is healthy, but it is also delicious.  It isn’t boring or lacking flavor.  Our food is exciting and tasty.  Before you start to turn away because you think a healthy meal could never taste great, give one of our recipes a try!

Behind the Savor is going to be our food journey with you.  I will be writing and baking.  Zach will take most of the photos and he cooks the majority of our meals.  Welcome to our world my friends.  We hope to see you soon!

Steph & Zach

Contact us via email at behindthesavor@gmail.com

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