Welcome to Behind the Savor!

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! My name is Stephanie, but everyone calls me Steph, and I live in the great city of San Antonio, where I was born and raised. I love the Spurs, I love my city and its culture and I really (REALLY) love food and sitting down to have a good meal with friends and family. I’m getting my Master’s degree in Communication Arts and had the opportunity to intern with another blog, SA FlavorThis experience helped me realize that I love to write and learn more about food, events and culture, especially within San Antonio.

Behind the Savor is not meant to be a food blog that discusses the taste of food at restaurants necessarily and we will not feature articles or videos that are purely our opinions of food. Our blog/vlog is going to be an interesting look into the opinions of the people of San Antonio, customers at popular restaurants, the ideas of chefs and owners, the atmospheres that make people want to return time after time, and the warmth and love that is shared during a meal. What is behind the food, fun, culture and taste of the food in San Antonio and beyond that makes a restaurant, the city and meals in general special? We will document what people feel and think about the food and culture of San Antonio and elsewhere through video interviews, blog posts and pictures. I promise, you are going to love it!

The blog/vlog will be used as my graduate capstone project and the interviews and information gathered over the next few months will be compiled and used for that purpose. This study will seek to determine how food and culture connect and contribute to the identity of San Antonio by researching how San Antonio residents relate food and culture through conversation.  There are a lot of interesting books and articles that link food, communication, culture and identity, but there is nothing specific on San Antonio. In my opinion, San Antonio is a unique place and I am passionate on researching a bit about the people in our city and the how food connects with communication. Think about how many times a day you discuss food with coworkers, family and/or friends. Often, I would assume, unless you don’t enjoy eating and, in that case, I have no idea how we can be friends.  Think about how many meals you enjoy because of the food, but also because of the conversation you had throughout the meal.  Think about the city you live in and why food is a large part of the community identity. Food leads to conversation, which creates identity, and culture influences both of these things.

So I hope you enjoy Behind the Savor and getting a glimpse into San Antonio. Look out for nterviews of San Antonio residents.  I will talk to you soon!

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