I mentioned in my last post that Zach and I love ice cream and frozen yogurt.  It is, by far, our favorite dessert.  We have tried many different places in San Antonio and while traveling.  Our newest favorite in San Antonio is a self-service dessert store, Arctic Ape Wild Desserts on Walzem Road.  They have been open for over a year, but we recently stumbled upon them a few weeks ago and have been three times because we love it so much.

Behind the Savor’s Top 10

Reasons to Try Arctic Ape Wild Desserts

  1. It isn’t just frozen yogurt or ice cream. They have numerous types of frozen desserts, including frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato, custard, Italian ice and soft serve.  The flavors are all served from soft serve/frozen yogurt machines so you can mix and match to your pleasing.  They also have milkshakes and smoothies.  You literally can make almost any frozen dessert you could ever think of.
frozen yogurt
Yum, yum, YUMMM


arctic blast
Another dessert option at Arctic Ape!
  1. TOPPINGS!! They seriously have plenty of topping choices for everyone, including sugar free and no sugar added options.  We enjoyed that they had more nut options than many places, including almonds, peanuts, pecans and walnuts.
Just a portion of the topping choices.
more toppings
More Toppings PS: I love flax seed
  1. They have a ton of board games for customers to use. There is a Trivial Pursuit card box on top of each table in the shop.  Zach and I had fun with the cards on our first trip to Arctic Ape.  We were probably there for over an hour asking each other random questions.  The last time we went we tried our hand at Chess and I think we were there for another hour after finishing our desserts.
Let the games commence!


  1. You don’t feel rushed. They have plenty of seating, games, free WiFi, phone charging stations, music playing via a social Jukebox app called Rockbot and really friendly staff.  We felt like we could stay and hang out there without it being weird and I could tell other people felt the same way. There are families, teenagers and older adults all sitting around enjoying themselves long after they have finished their desserts.
  1. It is far from typical. The shop has fun decorations, including ice hanging from the ceiling and a life-size ape figurine sitting in a scene of a cabin in the corner.  He wears human clothes and even wore a suit the night of prom for the nearby high school.  I need to get a picture with him soon.
Arctic Ape
Where the fun starts!
Arctic Ape
Pretty cool dude
  1. They support wildlife. They have information on non-profits in the store and I noticed multiple posts on their Facebook page about fundraisers and how they are helping wildlife organizations.
  1. They have color changing spoons, because they know how to have fun!
yogurt and color changing spoon
Check out that frozen yogurt and color changing spoon!
  1. Everyone who works there that we’ve met has been happy, friendly and helpful. The service made us want to come back just as much as the tasty dessert did.
  1. It isn’t a chain, so if you go you are supporting a local business that really knows their frozen desserts.
  1. It is DELICIOUS! We loved the flavor choices and combinations.  We also enjoyed that they had no sugar added (NSA) options.  We tasted tested a decent amount and the flavors actually taste like the names.  Everything we’ve gotten so far has tasted great!


Arctic Ape Wild Desserts / 5221 Walzem Rd. Suite 1, San Antonio, TX 78218 / 210-257-5949

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  1. My Mr and I are so, so, VERY happy Arctic Ape is in our neighborhood because it is the BEST! They even gave us pup cups when chatting they found out I was dog-sitting! We absolutely love it, and for all of the reasons in your article – we seriously cannot say enough good things about the shop, the service, and the amazing employees & owners.

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