Eating healthy is not always an easy journey. I know some people act like it is a simple process, as if there is a switch you can flip and suddenly you know how to cook healthy meals and what not to eat. This just is not true in my opinion.

Zach has been prepping his food for a more than a few years. He was very used to doing this for himself and when I started dating him, I was definitely not used to it at all. I actually was slowly changing my diet because I knew I had been gaining weight, but I was known to throw whatever I could find in my fridge in a bag and try to make it into a lunch. I once brought a raw potato to work and that was pretty much it, which still cracks my friends and me up.

chicken meal prepping
Cooking some chili lime chicken!

When I started eating differently, it was more difficult to figure out what to eat daily. Zach had stopped meal prepping and we cooked every night and brought leftovers for lunch the next day. Truly, Zach cooked a lot more than I ever did and it took up way too much of his time every day after work. Eating healthy required more planning. We decided to start meal prepping together, but it did not go well for some time. There were tears, mostly because I felt like it took up our entire Sunday. I am also not naturally good at cooking. I have to work hard not to hurt myself, spill something, or overcook the meat.

Meal Prepping Eggs
Prepped breakfast. Scrambled eggs with spinach. All I had to add was avocado and salsa.

Despite the challenges, we persevered. We go grocery shopping on Sunday in the morning or early afternoon.  We cook for four days, Monday-Thursday. We have been meal prepping together for over a year now and it has become less challenging. Some of the tips we’ve learned along the way are…

  1. Make simple meals. The more complicated the meal, the more time it will take.
  2. Make one meal for all lunches and one meal for all dinners. This gives you a bit of variety, but you also aren’t taking all your time planning multiple different meals.
  3. Breakfast can be prepped. Eggs truly taste great reheated. Eggs always taste great in my opinion. Mmmmm, scrambled eggs.
  4. Salad is great for dinner because all you really have to prep is the protein.
  5. Protein bars make great snacks. We don’t prep our snacks.
Fish and Salad Meal Prep
Salad with prepped fish.

I’ll post some of our meal prep adventures this week. Just remember, you can make it work for you and in the end, it will save you a lot of time and energy. Happy meal prepping my friends!

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