Becoming a Regular Part 2 – Petra Cafe Greek & Mediterranean

“I could eat there every day and get the same thing” – Zach I am truly enjoying becoming a part of Hattiesburg and learning more about the people and culture here.  Before I visited, I had no real idea what to expect from Mississippi or the South.  My only reference was movies, the media and […]

Mid-Month Catch Up (Nov. 2017)

November has been a fun month so far in Hattiesburg.  There have been a ton of events going on and I have been taking full advantage.  It has also been a bit chilly here, which means fall food time. Zach and I have been craving winter squash, so that has been on our menu a […]

Meal Prep Fun & Curry Recipe

Zach and I usually don’t plan out what we want to eat for the week until Sunday morning. Although we use similar ingredients on a regular basis, our creations are a different every week because we play around with spices and flavors. After breakfast on Sunday morning, we often come up with a menu for […]