Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry we have been out of the writing game for a little while.  Between job hunting and holiday events, there were other things to focus on for a bit.  We’ve ate at some great restaurants over the past few months, so we have plenty to talk about.

GrateFull Soul was open on New Year’s Day and we were happy to start off the new year with a wonderful southern meal.  We had not tried GrateFull Soul, which is a Southern kitchen, since we moved to Hattiesburg and we decided this was the perfect time.

When you walk into the restaurant, you instantly feel like you are at home.  The brick walls are decorated with old, framed art and embroidery.  There are vinyl tablecloths covering the assortment of tables, many of which have a mash up of different chairs.  You stand in line and order at the counter.  They usually have two or three entrees to choose from, about six side options, and a few desserts.  They post their menu on Facebook every day in case you want to know your options before going in.  It’s all Southern and everything sounds delicious.

Panoramic of GrateFull Soul
Panoramic of the inside of GrateFull Soul. I love the way it looks inside!

On the menu was your choice of herb roasted chicken or fried pork chops.  You can get an entree with one, two, or three sides or opt for a plate of just sides.  We got there a bit late that day and they were pretty busy, so we missed out on trying their collard greens or braised cabbage, but there were definitely other tasty options.  We both decided on the herb roasted chicken, lima beans with bacon, and broccoli salad.  We were in for a treat!

Roasted Chicken Lunch
A great way to start 2018!

The chicken was outstanding!!!  I seriously wish we could have purchased a whole chicken and ate off of it for the week.  It was seasoned perfectly so it wasn’t too salty and had a lot of flavor.  It was also moist and was a nice size serving.  I loved both side items we chose.  Lima beans are delicious, especially with bacon.  The broccoli salad was creamy but not overdressed.  Thinking about the broccoli salad made me immediately hungry for it.  It was very, very good.  All of the food was perfectly seasoned and simple in the best way.

We went back last Friday for lunch because we were craving the chicken.  This time we got the black eyed peas.  They score another point in the flavorful side category.  More than the food though, we noticed the service this time around.  There was an older gentleman behind us in line.  Instead of making him stand in line, one of the servers came out and told him they were going to take his order.  He was able to sit quickly instead of struggling to stand through the line.  That single act of kindness makes me love the restaurant even more.

Roasted chicken lunch
Lima beans and black eyed peas!

Go to GrateFull Soul because the food is terrific and the people who work there are kind.  It is definitely a place to take a break from the craziness of life and just enjoy food and company.

205 Main St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 / (601) 336-9186 / www.facebook.com/gratefullsoul/

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