I have officially been in Hattiesburg for three months and I’m starting to get a better feel for the city.  I don’t feel like a tourist or an outsider on a regular basis, especially now that I have settled into a routine with a job.  I slowly feel like I am becoming part of the city, which is exciting.  Finding where I fit is important to me because I moved from a city that fit me perfectly.  Thankfully, I can say I found my fit in San Antonio and I am finding my fit in Hattiesburg.

I can’t remember how I first heard about Town Square Cafe & Bakery, but not long after I moved I was set on trying it out because the food sounded good and coffee is necessary in my life.  The cafe is new-ish to Hattiesburg and recently celebrated their first birthday.  I think this appealed to me too.  They were kinda new, like me. 

Town Square Cafe & Bakery is located in the downtown area and is pretty large inside.  From the outside it doesn’t look like a house, but on the inside it definitely has the feel of an antique home.  There is a fireplace, recessed ceilings, white wood beams, multiple chandeliers and tables that you would see in a home dining room.  It’s very well lit and very pretty, while still feeling casual.

Americano outside of Town Square Cafe & Bakery
Americano to go!
Vintage feel inside of Town Square Cafe
I love the vintage home feel inside.
natural light inside the cafe
So much natural light puts me in a good mood. Also, look at that stained glass window…so pretty.

I’ve been back many times since I first moved and have enjoyed it every time.  Before I even talk about their food and coffee, I have to talk about their service.  The people who work here work hard and are always friendly.  We went for lunch on Friday.  It was completely packed and there was a decent line to order at the counter, yet somehow we were still able to order, eat and get back to work before my hour lunch break ended. 

The owner, who also is the baker and chef there I believe, also came out to make sure everything tasted good.  One of the girls who works there, Raven, has started to recognize Zach and I and makes sure to say hello and ask how we are.  It makes me feel like a regular and a part of the city, which makes me happy.

The Americano from Town Square is definitely my favorite in town.  I go grab coffee there when I need a mid-day pick me up and enjoy the rich flavor their coffee has.  They also have the right temperature down, so it is never ridiculously hot (still hot, just not to where I can’t drink it for 30 minutes without burning my tongue).

I love you, Americano.

I’ve enjoyed multiple dishes here, but most recently had the roasted chicken plate with curried spinach and steamed broccoli.  I know I just wrote about roasted chicken in my last post, but dangit I love roasted chicken!!  They have healthy options on their menu, which is necessary for us.  We can choose from multiple vegetable side dishes.  The food always tastes fresh and is cooked perfectly.  The chicken I ordered on Friday was moist and my side dishes were not overcooked – side note: I hate mushy vegetables so I love when a restaurant knows that steamed broccoli should still have some bite to it. 

Friday Lunch
My lunch last Friday – roasted chicken, steamed broccoli, and curried spinach.
Zach's Friday lunch
Zach’s lunch – roasted chicken, collard greens, and roasted carrots.

The soups are delicious and I love the omelets too.  They have breakfast, brunch and lunch foods all down for sure.  They have delicious looking baked goods as well, including bread, cakes, cookies, and pastries.  For those that don’t know, we don’t partake in grains or sugar, but if you do I would definitely love to hear how their baked goods are because they look spectacular.  Also, right now they have Mardi Gras king cakes for sale, including individual sized cakes..fun!

Overall, the experiences I’ve had at Town Square Cafe & Bakery have brought me back.  It’s a relaxing place with nice people and great food.  Plus, they have made this Hattiesburg newcomer feel like a regular, like I’m home, which is something only a great restaurant or coffee place can do.

129 Walnut St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 / 601.909.0804 / http://www.townsquare.cafe/

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